1) Provide a brief summary of the speaker’s remarks.  

Your response paper should:
1) Provide a brief summary of the speaker’s remarks.
2) Provide some reflection on those comments. Some ideas for reflection are:
a. Pick one idea. Choose a point, fact or argument made by the speaker that intrigued you, infuriated you, puzzled you, or otherwise appealed to you.  Write a post in which you discuss that and your reaction, including an explanation for why you
reacted that way.
b. Connect the dots. How does the speaker’s comments relate to something else we’ve read or discussed in class?

Please provide

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1.Accurate and detailed summary of 2-3 points that the speaker made

2. Clear link to at least one of the readings in the syllabus which includes an accurate
account of the argument made in that reading
3. Excellent grammar, spelling and syntax

I’ll provide you with the speaker’s recordings, pdfs, course materials and the reading list down below.


recording url: https://play.library.utoronto.ca/watch/5c1d632727c…

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