2016 Presidential Award Greener Reaction Conditions Discussion

2016 Presidential Award Greener Reaction Conditions Discussion

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Choose a Green Chemistry Challenge Winner from the link below. Give a one paragraph summary (general concepts – not detailed science) of the work completed (product or process developed) to earn the award. Click the word summary (not the company name) that is found in parentheses to access the description of the work for each award.

Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Winners

Each student must research a different winner. Respond to the Green Chemistry Award Choice discussion with the year and award designation (not the company name) you are researching (Example: 2013 For Small Business). First post, first pick!!

Each student must respond to two other students’ posts with a paragraph commenting on the importance of the work and the key ideas of green chemistry involved (found on front cover of textbook). Student responses should display a clear understanding of the other student’s post and provide analysis of the importance of this work. Remember that responses are required to extend the discussion started by that original post.

Post 1:

1996 Green Chemistry Challenge Winner

The winner of the 1996 Greener Reaction Conditions Award was the Dow Chemical Company. The Dow Company won for its development of a Polystyrene Foam sheet to remove 3.5 million pounds of blowing agents each year using carbon dioxide. This is a better way of taking care of blowing agents while still keeping the air clean. Traditional blowing agents are said to ruin the ozone and make smog more abundant. The Dow Company is obtaining carbon dioxide from all-natural resources; therefore, it will not contribute to its growing carbon dioxide levels. The use of carbon dioxide from the natural and environmental resources will not, as said above, contribute to global warming or any other unhealthy levels of earth harming chemicals. Carbon dioxide is at a low cost, safe to work with, and is used in many food and drinks such as soda, but it is also dry ice and can be used to make ice cream. These new Polystyrene Foam sheets are thermal resistance and recyclable, and the new sheets developed by the Dow company has increased by 700 million pounds and is used in egg cartons, fast food containers, and used in meat trays. The Dow company has made it available with a commercial license.

Post 2:

2012, Award For Small Business

Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. employs Nobel-prize-winning catalyst technology to break down oils and recombine them into high-performance green chemicals which reduce energy usage and greenhouse emissions by 50 percent compared to other technologies. This company is producing this greener alternative for many uses such as detergents and hair products while implementing cost controls and displaying highly competitive pricing amongst their peers. They are able to offer competitive pricing because they commercialized this technology and use molecules that were once combined of different chemicals, into one single molecule. Before Elevance’s catalysis advancement, conventional producers were blending the different chemicals which significantly increased their production costs. Elevance has paired with value chain global leaders to enable strategic worldwide manufacturing.


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