BIO 1 UC Davis Biodiversity Presentation

BIO 1 UC Davis Biodiversity Presentation

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University of California Davis






Bio 1 Activity Presentation Guidelines One of the most important skills to develop in science, or any field, is the ability to present information (either written or oral) in a clear, concise manner. You are all doing a written report in this class; however, the ability to give an oral presentation is equally important. Given the present situation, we have opted to require that you develop and submit a presentation in the form of a PowerPoint slide set, and not require that you deliver the presentation. You will complete this assignment as an individual task, which has been pared down to represent what your responsibility would have been in a regular semester for this project. The topic for your presentation is “Biological Diversity.” Biodiversity exists on many levels as you have seen this semester and so the freedom to choose a specific topic of interest to you is very wide. Biodiversity may refer to habitat diversity, species diversity (i.e. coral reefs or tropical rain forests), genetic diversity (within a wild species, domestic animal or plant species, diseases etc). Presentations may focus on existing biological diversity or declining biological diversity, theoretical information, practical aspects or medical aspects of biological diversity. In addition to being informative, this should be interesting and even fun! Do not be overwhelmed, this is a relatively simple assignment, which again, should be a bit of fun! I know you are already overwhelmed or confused or both, but do not fear. At the end of the day, if your presentation looks like you put in a bit of time and effort to make it look like something you would not be ashamed to present to others, then you are going to do just fine! The easiest thing to do is pick something you thought was interesting this semester, and tell me something about it that I did not already tell you in class – that means there is a ton of material on which you could focus. Focus on a small detail and tell me about it. I will completely understand that you only had three slides because I made this assignment! Remember also, that I am not looking for book reports here. You are to put material in a bulleted list, just as you would have for a real presentation. I WILL UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR POINT WAS! Again, lists, not paragraphs. Again, several bullets on each slide, not several hundred! Grading: Your presentation will be evaluated on the following criteria: 1.) Presentation is the proper length (5 total slides ONLY!): You will submit a total of 5 slides as a PowerPoint file ONLY, for this assignment. This will include a title slide, three content slides, and a conclusion slide. A 2-point deduction for each missing or extra slide will be applied. You might think this is a difficult task, but pretend you have just met someone in an elevator and you have about 2 minutes to get your point across to them in a meaningful way. What would you say? Keep it simple! 2.) Visual aids add to the slide material: Each slide must include a picture or diagram, etc., which is related to the text presented on that slide. 3.) Information is accurate: This is a bit tricky. I will not require references but do keep in mind that you should find your information from a reliable source. You never know who I know, or what I have read, so make sure your information is accurate. “Zeke’s Blog about Bears and Stuff” is probably not the best place to find science literature. Try Google Scholar! 4.) Content is well organized and consistent: Obviously, this is the most important part of any presentation. Does it look good? Things to keep in mind here, include keeping your fonts consistent, using different bullet point styles for each comment level that you include (and making sure the bullets are the same throughout!), keeping your pictures formatted similarly, and in the same location on each slide. Consistency is key here! It does not matter how you do it, really, it matters that you do it the same throughout. Other items to think about are background and font colors. Do not try and be fancy, most of the time it is just too hard to see and detracts from the presentation (stay away from different color fonts, e.g., reds and greens). 5.) Content is related to Bio 1: This is an easy 5-point task. Pick something we went over in class this semester, and make it unique with details you find with a small bit of research. Criterion Presentation is the proper length (5 total slides ONLY!) Visual aids add to the slide material Information is accurate Content is well organized and consistent Content is related to material in Bio 1 Total Points Points 10 10 10 20 5 50 Last thing: Please know that I completely understand that times are a bit stressful. This is the reason that I decided to change this assignment a bit, as compared to previous, face-to-face semesters. So, this is a new way of doing things and it may not work well at all. So again, make the effort and you will do well.
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