Brisk Phone Accessories Case Study

Brisk Phone Accessories Case Study

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Weekly Communications: Provide a Eight Weekly Commutations (200 points, 5 @ 40 points each). Formats on communications will vary from week to week dependent on the related instruction. Go to the assignment tab for directions for each week. Do Not Assume the Assignment will be the Same Format for the Entire Course. Refer to BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS TODAY for background information on the selected format.

Each week you provide a form a communication to the CEO via CANVAS answering any questions or concerns he may have.
The Assignment will be:
? Brief (1-page, 12 Font, single spaced).
? Cover the key areas and objectives of the Lessons and assigned reading.
? Provide research, opportunities and to solutions for the topic given that week.
? In the assigned format for that week.

Assignment Rubric Points
1. Compliance with all directions, correct format following standard grammar. 50%
2. Content was logical, well written, and demonstrated adequate topic research. 25%
3. No evidence of plagiarism. All sources properly sited. 25%

Total 100%

Week 3:
Assignment Topic: Draft an Email Response to the customer denying his request for a new phone.
Your company markets a line of rugged smartphones cases designed to protect the sensitive devices from drops, spills and other common accidents. Your guarantee states that you will reimburse customers for the cost of a new phone if the case fails to protect it from any of the following: (a) a drop of no more than 6 feet onto any surface; (b) spills of any beverage or common household chemical; (c) being crushed by any object weighing up to 100 pounds Class A, 200 pounds Class B, and 300 pounds for a Class C; or (d) being chewed on by a dogs, cats, or other common household pets.
Bob Welch, a rancher in Colorado owner of a Class A case, emailed your customer support staff, requesting a reimbursement after he dropped his iPhone in his hog barn and a 900-pound boar crushed it in a single bite.
Your task is to write an email response to Bob, denying his request for a new phone.

Format: Email Response Format (Business Communication Today Ch 10.11.12). Subject and Addressee must be included.
Submit: PDF draft via CANVAS to CEO B. Morgan for approval
1. Company: Brisk Phone Accessories
2. Specialization: Protective Accessories for phone and electronic devices.
3. Company Location: Seattle, WA
4. Addressee: Bob Welch

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