BUS 120 Mazoon College Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting Questions

BUS 120 Mazoon College Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting Questions

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MAZOON COLLEGE Assignment Template Course Code BUS 120/ ACC20000 Date of Submission Course Name Financial Accounting/ Introductory Accounting Instructor Name Assignment given on 12.07.2020 I.Sarvathullah SUMMER 2020 Student ID Student Name Major 01.07.2020 Semester Remark: Students are advised to read all instructions before writing the assignment. Learning outcomes to be covered by this assignment:(same as in CIS) 1. Understand the knowledge of Banking transactions and Cash book transactions of the business. 2. Understand the knowledge of the Sources and Uses of Cash. 3….. Add as required Scope of the Assignment Example: This assignments aims to help in developing independent learning skills. Students are expected to work in group and use online /library resources to complete the assignment. Plagiarism Policy[Ref: Assessment PolicyRef:MC/ASSP/v1] Plagiarism includes, and not limited to, submitting a report/presentation/ dissertation/ term paper/research paper or any other work to be graded which includes the production of other author(s) without properly acknowledging the original author(s) of the work, or use the work of other person (paid or un paid) and submitting it to be its own work to claim grades or any other credit. The college is using a text matching detection software, text similarity above 20% is not acceptable and deemed plagiarism. Please check with your course instructor for further orientation and information about plagiarism practice avoidance. Submission Instructions (faculty can add/remove the instructions as per the requirement) ▪ Use A4 size paper, Times New Roman 12 font size with single line spacing in text. ▪ Use first page of assignment as cover page to submit your work ▪ Submit soft copy of assignment through college portal and hard copy as per instructions of the course instructor. ▪ Late submission is subjected to maximum deduction of 01mark per delayed day ▪ Plagiarized work shall not be considered to award any marks ▪ Similarity ratio more than 20% marks as 0. Evaluation Summary Questions Max. Marks 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 3 3 3 3 3 Marks Obtained Comments Total Marks(in figures) Total Marks(in words) Evaluator’s Signature Assignment : (Explain in your own words) 1. What information should be included in the heading of each of the financial statements? 2. Briefly explain the difference between net income and net loss. 3. What are the purposes of (a) the balances sheet, (b) the income statement, (c) the statement of retained earnings, (d) the statement of cash flows? 4. Show the income statement equation define each element. 5. Distinguish between financial accounting and managerial accounting .
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