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Project Manager

A project manager is based in the office. They occasionally appear in construction sites since most of them are in charge of more than one project at a time. Project managers are hardly involved in the management of individuals since they put more focus on the project management itself (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). The following are some of the duties they perform;

  1. Issuance of Project Book to Superintendent
  2. Preparing budgets
  3. Resource procurement
  4. Ensuring that the project is on schedule
  5. Ensures that the progress of the project is aligned with the business goals on a continuing basis.


The superintendents are usually stationed at the job site. They can also be referred to as the foreman and are involved in the day-to-day activities on the construction site. He or she also controls the schedules that are short term (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). Other roles include the following;

  1. Quality control
  2. Subcontractor coordination

Project Engineer

A project engineer is normally found at the field or the construction site itself. They are involved in the actual taking of a hands-on approach to engineering-related tasks that pops in (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). Their roles include the following;

  1. Driving projects to completion by applying a hands-on approach
  2. Providing on-site training
  3. Involved in direct management of frontline workers
  4. Providing innovative solutions
  5. Liaise with company executives to secure resources necessary to push the project forward

Phases of the Construction Process

Walker 2015 explains that there are five phases in the construction process. They include the following;

  • Concept

The construction process begins with planning and design which can also be referred to as architectural programming. In this stage, several overlapping steps take place prior to the actual project construction.

  • Contracts and Bid Documents

The builder should be able to provide plans and working drawings to the potential bidders for the proposed structure. Project specifications should also be outlined. All these are necessary for the solicitation of the construction bids.

  • Bidding

Once the feasibility of the project has been determined by the owner and funds are already in place, solicitation of bids or proposals is then carried out from general contractors. This is usually done via trade publications or newspapers.

  • Construction

This stage is at times referred to as the fieldwork which is the actual construction of the project. The fieldwork process is split into the following;

  1. Building permits
  2. Subcontractors
  • Scheduling subcontractors
  1. Shop drawings
  2. Project submissions
  3. Change orders
  • Construction Payments

The owner then pays the contractor upon the completion of the prescribed amount of work.

  • Completion

The last stage readies the building for residence.








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Walker, A. (2015). Project management in construction. John Wiley & Sons.




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