CRIJ 1313 Brite Compare US & England Juvenile Justice System Essay

CRIJ 1313 Brite Compare US & England Juvenile Justice System Essay
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CRIJ 1313

Brite Divinity School of Texas Christian University


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1:20 l LTE < To Do Assignment Details CRIJ-1313-E01 Description Write a research paper: (APA Format) an example (Links to an external site.) Theaper and presentation will be worth 25% of your fiu al average. Both must be submitted for a grade. Pick a country to compare with the U.S. Juvenile Justice System. Do not choose one a student has already selected. The paper is to be 6 pages long. Page 1: Cover Sheet Pages 2-5: Research paper Page 6: Work Cited (no less than 4 sources no more than sources) Poin noduction. You are to use legitimate sources: and are not acceptable. Paper is not 6 pages long. No work cited page or incorrect citing. Not giving sources credit within the paper. No over-spacing The paper and presentation will count towards 20% of your final grade. Both must be done to receive a grade. Compare the U.S. Juvenile Justice System with that of another country. You must use at least four (4) sources: Books, Journal Articles, and legitimate websites. Do Not Use!! wikipedia or The paper will be 6 pages long to (page 1: title page, page 2-5) body, and page 6 work cited page) All outside work must be computer generated on Microsoft Word. (No typewriters!!!) There are computers available at the Judith Zaffirini Library, Yeary Library & Launch External Tool 12 Dashboard Calendar To Do Notifications Inbox
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