Deserts are not randomly located on the Earth’s surface.

When most people think about a desert, they typically imagine a hot, dry expanse. However, many true deserts, like Antarctica, are extremely cold. The geographical and geologic criteria for a desert is simple: it is a land area that receives less than 10 inches of rain annually. Thus, the vast polar areas of the world are classified as deserts. The chart below lists the just the top ten deserts in the world by land area. You can access a more complete lists at Click Here

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Figure 14. The top 10 major deserts ordered by surface area size. Modified from



Deserts are not randomly located on the Earth’s surface. They occur in particular regions as a consequence of geographic features, latitude, and atmospheric conditions. For this assignment I want you to look at this list of major deserts at and select one to explore. Then, provide information to include the following and create a post to share what you have learned about your desert.

1. Select your desert from the list, and do some research to find information about your desert.

2. Then, launch Google Earth and locate your desert to explore it physically. Take a screenshot to include with this post.

3. Then, write a description about your desert to include the following:

  • Name the desert you selected and put it in the title of your post.
  • Give the location in terms of what continent it is on, and what countries it spans, if applicable.
  • Which type of desert is it? (polar, subtropical, cool coastal, etc.)
  • What is the size of the land area it occupies?
  • How does this desert rank in land area compared with other deserts?
  • What is the average temperature? And, does the temperature vary seasonally?
  • What is the average precipitation?
  • What are the desert landforms found there?
  • Are there any notable plants or animals that live in this desert?
  • Include at least two (2) historical or fun facts related to this desert.
  • Find one photo of this desert to accompany your screenshot from Google Earth.

Grading Notes – for full points

  • Be sure to use images and make your post interesting to read. Devote some length and detail to develop a good narrative. The word minimum is 250 words.
  • Provide links to your sources for information and both your screenshot and image


Explanation & Answer:

250 words

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