– Discuss some aspect of the source that you found interesting and why.


-Please clearly identify which source you selected.

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– Discuss some aspect of the source that you found interesting and why.

-Be sure to relate your post to some type of workplace hazard and/or method(s) for protecting employees from the hazard (controlling their risk).


First post:I choose the article Heat Stress. This article thoroughly explains the different kinds of heat stress, their symptoms, and how to provide first aid. The article also provides recommendations for employers and workers on how to reduce heat stress related incidents.Employees who work in hot environments are at risk for heat stress. An example of a job where a person can be exposed to heat stress is a construction worker who works outside in the summer months. These employees must wear specific PPE which may make them even hotter on the job.Methods to protect workers from heat related stress include providing cool water or liquid to drink and provide cool shaded areas for rest during breaks. Employees can wear light colored clothing and avoid consuming drinks that contain sugar or caffeine. Employers can also consider changing work times. If workers start work at 6am and finish before 3pm they will be off work before the hottest part of day occurs.Second post: I selected OSHA’s Protecting Workers from Cold Stress pamphlet. This pamphlet provides some basics of cold stress injuries. Cold stress injuries are typically talked about up North, but I have found when I had airmen from the Southern U.S., many knew frostbite existed but otherwise didn’t know anything about it or other cold stress injuries. The scary part of that is that you don’t have to be in the frozen North to be affected by immersion or hypothermia. There’s a greater part of the year you can be affected by these two up North, but they are more than possible down South, particularly in higher elevations. So, why isn’t this being taught to kids (outside of Scouts). I realize the odds of folks along the Gulf Coast getting trench foot or hypothermia is pretty slim, but I have seen snow in Houston. And considering how many of these kids grow up to be soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen, we should really look into teaching them about all types of heat and cold stress injuries. Not just the ones imminently possible in their location. The earlier we teach them, the better they should remember it when they become part of the workforce.

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