Discussion 5 – Climate Change

Discussion 5 – Climate Change

Read and understand the attached pdf files , and then find an article about energy that relates to something that we’ve talked about in class or read about in “The Story of More” or “Healing Earth” which can be found in this link https://healingearth.ijep.net

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This article should be written for a general audience. Add a brief summary of the article and your opinions about it.

To get full points, you must:

1.Post your article with the summary and opinions

2.Comment (two sentences) on the potential biases in your article: who was it produced by, do they have hidden agendas, are there clear biases in writing, do the sources that they pull from (if any) seem reliable.


1st Student (Xingwe):


Sandstorm is a general term for both sandstorms and duststorms. It refers to the fact that strong winds draw a large amount of dust on the ground into the air, making the air particularly turbid. As of May 20, 2001, there were a total of 18 sand-dust weather processes in northern China, of which 41 days were strong sandstorms, accounting for 51% of the total days. From the perspective of northern China, there was an obvious sandstorm every two days. Dusty weather.

Implement comprehensive governance. The main means of preventing sandstorm disasters is to protect national land resources and prevent soil erosion and desertification. We must proceed from the objective conditions of the western natural conditions, regional ecological characteristics and the current economic level, act in accordance with objective laws, and overcome sandstorms. First of all, it is recommended that the country implement the project of returning grazing to forest and grassland in sandy areas. This is an inevitable choice to prevent sandstorms. It vigorously implements sand-closing and grass-cultivation, afforestation in lowlands of sand dunes, sand-fixing plants directly on quicksand, and artificial sand barriers. Sand-fixing plants and aerial seeding plants are planted under protection to effectively prevent the spread of desertification.’


2nd Student (Cameron):

the article I choose was on climate change and how some people do not think it is as big of an issue as it really is. the article talked about the evidence behind climate change, the causes and effects and possible solutions to the problems that have been created over the years. this article really dove into some of the things that contribute to climate change and explained them in terms that anyone could understand. in my opinion this article was very informative and appealed to anyone because it hit on many main issues of climate change and who its really effecting, which is our generation and the ones to come. the article was produced by Earth Science Communications team at NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory so I don’t believe there was a ton of biases in its creation because it was based on facts that the research teams have found and studied.

The Effects of Climate Change. (2020, August 21). Retrieved October 22, 2020, from https://climate.nasa.gov/effects/Links to an external site.

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