Even though the gospel of humanity and affection has been conspicuously spread across some barbaric and belligerent nations, tangible traces of inhuman treatments are still visible. Unfortunately, in the modern white history of civilization, unimaginable atrocities are still prevalent in some states as brothers are turning against their own brothers. However, we cannot whine so much as there are a number of hawk-eyed watchdogs that are making sure we live in a better society; a society that will not be ruthless to our posterity. Human Rights Watch is a renowned nonprofit organization that has yielded positive results in the field of democracy and human rights protection across the globe. The organization has been in existence for four decades now, a period that has been marked by constructive cooperation between states in the strenuous fight against violation of human rights.

Human Rights Watch was founded with a primary focus of advocating for human rights, especially the rights of persons in riskier conditions. With over 21 head offices across the world, HRW has been instrumental in mounting pressure on governments and policymakers to ensure that human rights are protected. The organization has assisted many victims of human rights abuse, assisted women who have been victims of sex-trafficking and violence, assisted children with severe child abuse history, and assisted victims of unlawful incarceration. Human Rights Watch undertakes research in areas suspected or believed to compromise the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The organization’s role of conducting investigations on pertinent issues can be understood as an extension of its previous success in monitoring the Soviet Union’s compliance with the Helsinki Accords.

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In the late 1980s, HRW won international attention by advocating for peace and respect for human rights in Europe and the Soviet Union. During this period, the organization dedicated its effort to shaming and naming all nations that violated the rights of their citizens and immigrants. The organization has invested in media as they were the best avenues through which abusive administrations were brought to the international spotlight. Due to its tireless efforts in creating a cohesive environment, Human Rights Watch has been able to influence public policy by engaging with policymakers. It has consistently influenced the use of tougher measures for those who violate human rights, influenced the consideration of basic human rights for suspected convicts, and influenced the tightening of laws for violators of women and child rights.

With the burgeoning number of refugees across Africa, Asia and Europe, Human Rights Watch has perpetually partnered with humanitarian agencies and immigrant departments. The organization is amply aware that expatriates are in most cases vulnerable to human rights violation and attack from forces within and outside their host countries. Human Rights Watch certifies close monitor of such vulnerable groups so that they can have access to basic needs and have their rights protected from abuse in accordance with international treaties and conventions on refugees. Importantly, the modern world of dirty politics has been characterized by witch hunt and coerced silence of perceived political opponents. Human Rights Watch works hand-in-hand with human rights activists to ensure justice for political prisoners, from the time they are held in custody to the time they are exonerated.

Human Rights Watch has championed against the violation of basic human rights, including discrimination on the basis of sexual alignment. The organization has also set a good picture in its push for reasoned consideration for capital punishment to those convicted of a crime. Essentially, Human Rights Watch considers civilians as a defenseless group of people who suffer from the pangs of war and human rights violation in the hands of rogue governments and authority. For all the good deeds it has stood for in our society, we should not fail to acknowledge the efforts of this larger-than-life organization.

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