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Facebook is a popular social networking site with over 2billion users. It began in February 2004, and since then, it has appealed to many people and businesses (Bradbury, 2012). It is user-friendly and is not technical for anyone wishing to sign up. With Facebook, people can share photos, messages, videos, post status, and feelings. Since its inception, Facebook has benefited as well as caused harm to its users.

Facebook as a solution

Facebook connects people. It is a platform that has allowed better socializing. All that one needs to do is sign in to their Facebook account and connect to the world. Once a user is online, they are free to chat with other users. According to Gafni & Deri, almost every internet user has a Facebook account (2012). Old friends can reconnect on Facebook using the friend finder. When people connect, they can come together and work on ideas that are beneficial to them. People can also share great ideas through this connection.

Sharing information is another advantage of Facebook. A user can post information for a target audience. Photos, videos, and opinions can be shared in this platform effectively. Vital information can also be communicated effectively to users on Facebook. What makes Facebook more convenient to use is the fact that a user can control how much information they wish to share, and to whom they will share it.

Businesses have benefitted from this platform that has billion of users. A business can promote and advertise itself through Facebook advertisements and fan pages. This platform connects a company to its customers and even builds a lasting relationship with them on the same platform. Increased social media presence of business promotes a product or service. From the billions of users of Facebook, any business can be sure to get itself a customer. Facebook is the biggest social media company today, and marketers can take advantage of this (Hanson et al. 2013). Any business wishing to advertise itself on Facebook needs to create a page so that it can enable the creation of a deeper meaningful connection with their customer.

Facebook as a problem

Many people have become addicts on Facebook. This addiction has become a new disorder in human beings. Some users of Facebook spend too much time getting updated on what is happening on Facebook until they find a difficulty when they wish to cut back (Brailovskaia, Schillack & Margraf, 2018). This disorder keeps people away from their families and real-life relationships.  The same affects productivity in academics and the workplace (Gafni & Deri, 2012). An employee who is addicted to Facebook will spend their time surfing instead of working, while a student who should be studying spends a considerable amount of time on Facebook.

There has been an increase in scams. Hackers send Facebook users suspicious emails, notifications or messages. They give links in these fake emails for you to click. Once you have clicked on this link, it opens a website that resembles Facebook. It is one of the ways through which scammers get a user’s login details (Bradbury, 2012). They can also lie to the unsuspecting user that the user has won an amount of money and through this, they get a user’s bank detail. People end up losing a lot of money through this form of theft.

Facebook can be a solution and part of the problem at the same time. There are more advantages and disadvantages of Facebook that are not part of the discussion above. It is the responsibility of the users to analyze them and take advantage of the goods that come with this platform, and still take care not to fall victim of the shortcoming encountered with the use of this platform.



















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