Franklin Pierce College Testers of Control Rain Eaters Discussion

Franklin Pierce College Testers of Control Rain Eaters Discussion

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Franklin Pierce College




rewording conclusion and discussion this one is very short


The goals of this lab were successfully reached. It was discovered that the water in the lake wasn’t as it should be because the acidic rain of a power plant nearby polluted the water greatly. This vast change in pH was resulting in a terrible effect on the life of the organisms in the lake. To fix this major issue, a base was added to the river, and when the acid and base have a reaction a salt was created, this was the point of neutralization. This process occurred until all of the hydroxide and hydronium ions were used up. The point of this lab was to teach the performers of the lab how to calculate the pH of weak bases and weak acids, portray the way weak acids and bases react, organize the strengths of acids and bases, concoct different types of salts through the process of neutralization, and learn about the acid dissociation constant and pKa, the log of Ka.

After measuring various testers of control rain eaters, the average of all of the pH’s was 5.6. 5.6 is close to 7, which is neutral, but it is slightly acidic. Carbonic acid was what was formed by the content of the lake. The weak acids that were entering the lake and polluting it were only partially dissociating, which formed a mixture of weak acids and ion molecules at equilibrium. This value was represented by Ka. The way to fix this acidic lake was to add

calcium carbonate since it had vast neutralization properties and would cause the acid and base to be equal.
To conclude, to balance the lake’s acidity it had to be “limed”. This means the addition of a basic solution to the acidic lake caused the lake to become neutralized. A neutralized pH could only be achieved if there was an equal amount of proton donors and proton fix this issue permanently, a solution would be to reduce the amount of pollution released from the coal power plant by installing a cleaning technology.

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