Highlights or Questions from Chapters 1 & 2 .  Include thoughts from Ted Talks Video

Highlights or Questions from Chapters 1 & 2 .  Include thoughts from Ted Talks Video



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can you please write for me 100 words replies

To make your communication efforts as effective as possible, focus on making them practical, factual, concise, clear, and persuasive (Bovée).

Professionalism consists of these six traits: striving to excel, being dependable and accountable, being a team player, demonstrating a sense of etiquette, making ethical decisions, and maintaining a positive outlook.

Ethical behavior is a companywide concern, but because communication efforts are the public face of the company, they are subjected to particularly rigorous scrutiny from regulators, legislators, investors, consumer groups, environmental groups, labor organizations, and anyone else affected by business activities (Bovée).

To communicate effectively, you need to keep technology in perspective, use technological tools productivity, guard against information overload, and disengage from devices frequently to communicate in person (Bovée).

When a team collaborates on reports, websites, presentations, and other communication projects, the collective energy and expertise of the various members can produce results that transcend what each individual could do alone (Bovée).

Effective listeners adopt their listening approaches to different situations and can use two or more types of listening in a single conversation (Bovée).


What is the importance of culture when communicating with others from a different cultures? I understand that others may have different beliefs but how can ones beliefs affect someones ability to communicate properly?

I never realized the importance of listening when trying to communicate. What are some signs that would show that someone is not listening correctly when trying to communicate?

Ted Talk:

Antoni Lacinai’s first lesson, ” You cannot not communicate”, made me think about all the ways people truly communicate and all the styles on communication. It also brought up a few thoughts about how someone could go through a day without showing any kind of communication. Is it possible?

Antoni Lacinai’s third lesson, “You

make people feel what you want them to feel”, brought to my attention

how vulnerable people are to one another actions and opinions.

can you please write for me 100 words replies

For my highlights and questions

about chapters one and two plus the Ted Talks video, I decided to first

watch the Ted Talks because it was shorter than reading both chapters;

and I am very glad I did. I am not going to lie, I was not looking

forward to this video. For many reasons including it’s the first day of

class, I just had a break for a month, and it is a 20 minute video.

However, I found the video to be very interesting and something that I

could connect to my life almost instantly from the start of the video

when the speaker started talking about text messages for dinner. Which

are text messages I get frequently, and I would bet at least 4 times a

week now that I am home. After that short message about text messages

the next thing about the video that I thought was crazy is the part

about the attention spans in humans. I remember the beginning few words

of the attention spans speech. However, as the speech went on, I found

myself looking around the room instead of the screen and the only thing

that brought my attention back to the screen was a loud change in his

voice and as an instinct I guess I looked back over to the running time

in the bottom left corner it was time stamped at 3:47. Finally, the

last highlight if the Ted Talks was the part when the speaker brought up

the statement when someone asks you to put down the phone. The reason

why it was a highlight to me, is because this has happened to me on

several different occasions. I could be sitting on the couch, eating

dinner, or even at a public place but I won’t realize that I am

affecting someone by being on my phone until they point it out. And

then, after that meeting I will go back to being on my phone in a

different situation almost like my brain doesn’t see a problem with it.

After reading the chapters, my highlights taken were that communication increases productivity and in return generates better financial results. Also, technology has allowed for a tremendous leap in how people see and use communication. Chapter two also talked about business etiquette and this is something that I reread multiple times. As I think this is the most important part of the chapter and is something every student will need to study and understand fully before heading into the workforce. Finally, the last highlight I believe from chapters one and two is the idea that listening and other forms of nonverbal communication are key elements of communication. While we have always heard that a good leader listens before they speak, it was nice to relearn this topic and have a constant reminder that nonverbal communication is key not only in your personal life, but in your work life as well.

Lastly, after listening to the Ted Talks and reading both chapters there is still some questions I have. First off, how do we calculate different channels in communication. For example, in the Ted Talks video the speaker describes spoken voice as a 3 channel communication tool and written words as a 4 channel communication tool. However, I cannot wrap my head around how spoken voice has 3 channels; I even paused the video to try and figure it out. My final questions are, do you as my fellow classmates and professor have these same problems as me; such as a 3 minute attention span to constantly being on your phone without seeing a problem? And do you as fellow classmates thinks these are generation problems that we will always have or do you think we will grow out of them?

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