HIST 3020 Academy of Art University Aspects of Industrialization Discussion

HIST 3020 Academy of Art University Aspects of Industrialization Discussion

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HIST 3020

Academy of Art University






The failure of the southern to adhere and abide by the majority in the United States led to the emergence of the secession crisis. The major factor that led to the war was the election of Lincoln as the United States president because the south did not support the idea. In addition, the south did not abide by the idea of freedom for the slaves in the United States. The Disagreement between the south and the north led to the outbreak of Civil War in America. Somewhat, I disagree that the war would bring together about eleven states in the upper and lower south to take part in the union. In addition, the states would not establish a provisional government in Alabama. It is, however, untrue that the border states of Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas and Virginia would unite with the formed government to structure the Confederate States of America. The dispute between the north and south was caused by the argument of the south that its states should be for slaves. The union of the northern states and a portion of the southern states led to the crisis in the south. If the south and north came into agreements, the crisis would have been avoided. In addition, it could also be avoided through ignoring the speculations about proportions and the states would have had peace for some time. Although they would have had peace, the crisis would have emerged because of Lincoln’s election.

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