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In Defense of Food.

Food is a crucial component for the survival of both human beings and animals as it provides nutrition and energy that enhance growth. In the current world, the food consumed by human beings can be more detrimental than it is beneficial. Michael Pollan’s In defense of food is a book that issues an analytical account of the diminishing quality of food and its negative impact on people’s health. The book is a good read as it uses comprehensible language. It also does not coerce the reader into a rigid set of eating principle instead; it presents the reader with a chance to create a self-agenda meal plan.  The surprising aspect triggered by the book is the global influence that has been initiated by the western culture. People have forgotten the nutritional worth of natural foods as there is an evident shift to the western culture of convenience foods. The evidence of this influence appears even in the country I live in since when one consumes processed foods, they are considered cool. While reading the book, it was shocking to realize that three out of four Americans are obese and overweight. Therefore, as more people eat these processed foods, there is a high risk of increased rates of obesity and heart attacks. The limitation of the book is its skeptic attribute which only emphasizes what one should avoid and disregards the provision of information on what is right. The book has however been helpful as it has challenged me to adhere to a plant-based diet. Thus I will strive to prepare my food and increase my keenness on not selecting food based on tags. I will also ensure that I eat more natural fruits and probably resort to making my yoghurt. Taking all this into account, the quote that will remain etched in my mind from this book is when food uses more than five ingredients it is no longer food but a test result.

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