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Visualization of data is a trending element that every huge business handling big data must have. It is the presentation of business data in visually impressing formats or pictorial forms (Van, 2014). Third Star Financial is an award winning business enterprise that works on huge information every day. The company, therefore, needs to implement a data visualisation technology to enable their decision makers grasp complex concepts and note new useful patterns easily (Ryan, 2015).

Zoomdata is a technology that is recommended by every Business Intelligence expert (Watson, 2017). When Third Star Financial deploys Zoomdata, it will be able to simplify the analysis and streaming of big data. Zoomdata was initially conceptualised to target industries in search for stand-alone visualisation on current data platforms like Hadoop and NoSQL (Tsai et al., 2016). Third Star Financial must utilise this technology to allow for real time streaming of data analytics, connect its workstations to all modern sources of data and get an instant visual analysis of its data.

Zoomdata comes with affordable subscriptions that Third Star Financial will find affordable. One of its subscriptions starts at $49,000 annually. After Third Star Financial has deployed Zoomdata technology, they will have free support services all through Monday to Friday (Koomay & Tailor, 2015). Zoomdata furthermore offers a complete online knowledgebase containing several resources for developers, end-users, and administrators of all businesses.

The techniques of utilizing pictures to understand data were used in the past even before the advent of technology. Maps and graphs were invented in the 17th century. Computers have now increased the possibilities of processing large amounts of data at very fast speeds (Chen & Zhang, 2014). Data visualization is now a quick changing blend of art and science. With Zoomdata, there is a great opportunity for Third Star Financial to improve customer relationships.


Screenshots of the Analysis of the Technology sector in future

The Objectives of QlikView

  • To convert data into insights across every aspect of a business.
  • To bring about the sharing of visual analytics on any device at any time and any place in the universe.
  • To talk with clients to fully understand their objectives and the nature of their works.
  • To deliver business intelligence strategies for all clients.
  • To always have a good understanding of what people require.
  • To bring Business intelligence closer to the business user.
  • To maintain simplicity when dealing with data from uncommon sources.
  • To look forward for a good evolution of business intelligence and work better into creating a brand for QlikView that stands out for innovation and certainty




Zoomdata screenshots showing an analysis of the sales made by a company




Zoomdata objectives

  • To understand the previous past, improve the present and predict the future.
  • To unlock insights using big data visuals at the speed of thought.
  • To accelerate time to big data insight.
  • To get rid of complexities that bar traditional business intelligence and analytics solutions from producing quality and quick visualizations.

Why Third Star Financial should decide on a new tool

Data is the new jargon that many Third Star Financial competitor companies are investing in. The amount of data that was generated by Third Star Financial in 2016 was pegged at 2.3 Zettabyte. This for decision makers poses a great statistical nightmare since they need to interpret data in real-time in order to benefit and implement actionable insights for Third Star Financial. This is where Zoomdata comes in. Zoomdata makes data discovery easier and ensures that business crucial information does not escape through the cracks. This will thus ensure faster decision making and that our company will never be left behind by other competitors. Third Star Financial must now invest in an affordable data visualization tool like Zoomdata in order to efficiently make actionable decisions basing on factual data.

Zoomdata was chosen because it is affordable for small enterprises and they have free customer support all the week through. Zoomdata further is able to integrate and work seamlessly with other visualization technologies and other data platforms like Hadoop and NoSQL.


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