The U.S. Iran Relations

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The situational analysis of the various Middle Eastern countries in relation to international politics reveals several vital issues. One of these critical issues relates to the current state of affairs between the United States and Iran. The three articles that are chosen for this reflection focus on this vital issue that affects global peace. The first article is by Rezaian 2018), which appeared in the Washington Post on the 31st of August, 2018. The report addresses the current status of the relationship between the two countries. The second source is a journal article by Morgan (2015), which covers the historical context of the two nations. Finally, the third article by Mousavian & Mousavian (2018) addresses the main problem, which is the current Iranian nuclear concern.

The Most Important Thing Gathered From the Articles

One of the most important things that are clear in the articles is the fact that despite the current simmering tensions between the two countries, Iran and the USA have historically been close social, economic allies. The three articles offer an interesting angle regarding the Treaty of Amity and the role it continues to serve to date in the course of building the countries’ relations.

The Most Troubling Thing

On the other hand, one of the most troubling lesson that one can gather from the articles is the reality that since Iran started to conduct active nuclear testing, the Iranian government has since declared the United States a hostile nation an issue that has affected the relationship between the countries and the Middle Eastern region by extension.

One Positive Development

The article by Mousavian & Mousavian (2018) offers an extent of hope for a positive outcome in the end. The article addresses the recent comprehensive Plan of Action that was signed by more than six global superpowers in conjunction with IRAN in a deal that led to Iran committing to the non-weaponization of nuclear resources that the country has control over in recent times. The treaty is, therefore, a welcome move and headed in the right direction.


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