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Question 1

No Question Score
1 I try to avoid conflicts whenever possible 1
2 I will give up my own desires to end a conflict 3
3 It is important to win an argument 3
4 I am willing to compromise to solve  a conflict 2
5 It is important to discuss both people’s point of view in a conflict 1
6 I am stubborn in holding to my position in a conflict 4
7 In conflicts, I give up some points in exchange for other points 2
8 I try to avoid conflicts 1
9 I give in to others during conflicts 3
10 It is important to regard conflict as problems to be solved together 1
11 I strongly assert my views in a conflict 4
12 I withdraw from disagreements 4
13 I try to find the middle ground position in a conflict 2
14 I will give in to other person to end an argument 3
15 I try to be cooperative and creative in finding a resolution to a conflict 1


Scoring Survey

  1. Summation of items 1, 8 and 12= 1+1+4=5

The highest score in this case is 15 and the lowest score is 3. My total score in these three items is 5. The items measure the likelihood of an individual using withdrawal method as a style of conflict management. My score indicates that I am close to 3 which indicate that I am likely to use withdrawal method a style of management of conflicts. However, this style has some disadvantages such as failure to solve the issue at hand leading to reemergence. It also leads to dissatisfaction of the other parties involved hence may lead to a bigger crisis than it was previously.

  1. Summation of items 2,9 and 14=3+3+3=9

The summation of the second score intends to measure the levels f accommodation. When the score is lower, the person is more accommodative. My score is a bit higher than the average indicating that I need to improve on accommodation as a conflict resolution style. People who are accommodative are more likely to accept the views from others which is a better way of solving organizational conflicts.

  1. Summation of Items 3,6 and 11= 3+4+4= 11

The score in these items was intended to measure the competing issues as a way of solving conflicts. Lower score indicates an increased tendency to use competing style of conflict management. My score is way above average and close to 15. This indicates that I am less likely to use competing style of conflict management.


  1. Summation of items 4, 7 and 13=2+2+2=6

These items were measuring the likelihood of a person using compromising style of management. My score is 6 which are close to close to 3 than 15. This indicates that I can easily compromise

  1. Summation of items , 5,10 and 15=1+1+1=3

This score was meant to measure the likelihood of using a collaborative style of conflict management. My score is 3 in this case which the best score one can achieve in a collaborative style of conflict management. This is my strength and withdraw is my weakness according to this analysis

Social Media and Intimacy Relationship

Technological advances have impacted a lot in all spheres of our life, and intimate relationship is not an exception. With the emergence of social media platforms, intimate interactions or intimate relationship reports increased use of social media over face to face interactions. This essay delves into the analysis of how I utilize social media platforms to convey intimacy messages. This self-reflection will contrast the utilization of social media to the face to face interaction noting down their frequency and the type of messages conveyed. To reduce the workload, my analysis will be confined to the past three days.

Analysis of my social media platforms unearths that in total I conversed 200 messages. Out of these messages, tweeter takes the lead with 120 messages which presents 60% of the total messages. The text messages added up to 63 representing 31.5 % and the utilization of the emails as means of conversing records the least number of messages totaling up to 17 which represents 8.5 %.

I reviewed the messages checking for clues of intimacy. The keywords used for my search criteria were as follows: love, darling, sweetheart, and “baby.” The review revealed that there were increased tendencies of the use of the words love, darling and baby to imply intimacy relationship while the use of words such as sweetheart and dear were in most of the cases implying intimacy interactions rather than intimate relationship.

Face to face interactions were less compared to social media interactions especially to those people whom I have an intimate relationship. Some will argue that social media enhanced my means of communications and made it faster than ever but impacts were not the same. Face to face interactions were livelier.  Despite having fewer physical interactions, face to face interactions have higher levels of satisfaction compared to mediated interactions.

Close examination of mediated messages that were not intimate revealed that they were email messages which were official. Most of them were in response to a job application and financial transactions by the use of PayPal.

In conclusion, my utilization of social media indicates mail messages are usually official messages while tweeter takes a larger portion of messages conveying intimate relationships and intimacy interactions. Face to face interactions were fewer but were more emotional compared to social media interactions.



Interpersonal Communication Skill improvement Plan

Interpersonal communication is a skill which needs to be mastered for peaceful cohesion in the society. People are social beings who need to love and to be loved, and this is better expressed through interpersonal relationships and intimate interactions (Verderber, and MacGeorge 340). Communication can be in the form of face to face interactions or in the form of social media. Both are supplements each other. Good communication skills in are necessary in conflict resolution (Verderber, and MacGeorge 348). I realized that I was over-relying on social media platforms as a preferred communication channel and reducing physical contacts with those that I am intimately related. I set out two goals to improve my face to face interactions. The first goal was to meet intimate friends at least three times a week and the second objective was to reduce the utilization of social media services as a means of communication.

The first objective of increasing the number of physical interaction was achieved by making efforts to meet my friends during weekends and on Thursdays since I used to be free on Thursdays. The most challenging moments in attaining this objective was that it was difficult to determine when the other person is also free. I managed this challenge by inquiring about their availability on social media before visiting them. I used to do this for some time but it was a challenge for these kinds of visiting to be successive. The other goal aimed at reducing the frequent use of social media. This was achieved by installing an application on my phone which monitored my data usage to keep me on the check on the over-reliance on social media. This was successive.

In conclusion, despite being faced with the challenge of increased the number of physical interactions, I managed to at least to improve it by meeting my friends whenever possible. The idea of decreasing over-reliance on social media as the only platform of communication was easily managed by monitoring my internet bundle usage by installing an application.


















Verderber, Kathleen, and Erina, MacGeorge. Interact: Interpersonal Communication, Concepts Skills, and Context. Oxford University Press: USA, 2nd Ed, 2015.



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