Motivation is Key

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Motivation is a vital component in any workplace. Itis believed that motivation correlates directly to efficiency and productivity at work. There are different theories of motivation. In this paper, we will highlight the expectancy theory which suggests one is compelled to align their actions in a particular way due to the expectations they have of the specific actions. The expectancy theory has three different stages, namely; expectancy, instrumentality and valence.

Take an example of a company that deprived its workers of the annual bonus that is usually credited into its staff accounts without fail. Last year, the company incurred substantial losses and had a public case going on, that was taking up a considerable amount of the company’s resources. The employees are called for a meeting month’s later to be explained the same. This passes as one of the occurrences that demotivates workers so much. To averse such a situation it could have been better if the company would have committed to paying up its workers using a viable plan utilizing the employee’s appraisals. Typically, the employees have expectations of their bonus figures given that by then they should know their scores in the evaluations. Another way that the situation could have been made better is by communicating to the employees to assure them of the position and getting other ways to compensate for the effort put in the individuals since they meet strive to meet set targets with the belief that they will get rewarded. Some individuals attach different values to the rewards that come with the effort that they put in as promised by the employer. Given that the company had been undergoing some financial challenges, they could also consult and get better ways to compensate for the efforts being put in by their employees.

Leaders employ different kinds of leadership; the transactional leadership- involves the use of rewards and gifts to make people achieve desirable results or transformational leadership- involves the employment of different ways to impact the other people positively and motivating them to complete the set targets. The kind of leadership demonstrated in the example above is dictatorial. We see a one-way communication stream instead of two. This differs from management which ensures that all parties’ needs gets attention.









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