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The eastern Caribbean mountains slopes and lowlands cover almost one-fifth of the whole land area of Honduras. The northern alluvial and coastal plains, as well as the sierras located at the coast, make up about one-eighth of the entire land area (The Economist). The mountains are rough, expanding in the west to 9,347 feet at Mount Las Minas which is the highest peak in the country. The several flat-floored valleys stretch out between 2,000 and 4,000 feet in altitude.

The climate is warm, with soaring moisture in the tropical coastal lowlands. Lowlands under 1,500 feet usually have a mean yearly temperature of between 79 and 82 °F. Mountain valleys and basins between 2,000 to 4,000 feet have mean yearly temperatures of 66 and 73 °F. The wet period begins in May and lasts to mid-November.

The current population in Honduras is approximately 8.4 million people. The Honduras economy has been based generally on trade, agriculture, mining, fishing, and forestry.

Prior to the entry of Spaniards in Honduras, the area was occupied by the hostile Mexican Amerindian traders, Jicaques, and Lencas, as well as Paya fishermen and hunters (The Economist). The National Library and Archive of Honduras were established to preserve and uphold the records of the republic.

Violence and Crime are the major evils in Honduras. Youth gangs are believed to have thousands of members. The groups use violence and threats to run more deprived areas in the primary urban centers (The Economist). Elevated intensity of violence, corruption reports of government even in the top rank, widespread drug related money laundering, have damaged the country’s international image.

More extensive executions of deeper institutional transformation are vital in stimulating vibrant economic development right through the Honduran economy (The Economist). In spite of the execution of strategies that aim to encourage market openness and aid commitment in international commerce, the general commercial environment keeps on to be damaged by fragile fortification of political volatility and assets rights.




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