Part 1: The Dispositional Domain

Part 1: The Dispositional Domain

Journal entries will be graded for writing clarity and depth in responding to the question(s) as reflecting having read the course material and engaged in critical evaluation of the content, as well as correct spelling and grammar.

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Write 200-500words (approximately 5 paragraphs) to answer one or more of the following sets of questions:

1) Read the section “Combinations of Big Five variables” on pages 81-82 of your textbook. Do your Big Five results on the NEO-PI online measure (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. correspond to any of these life outcomes for you? Discuss what you find. How does the Big Five model seem to apply to your personality and life outcomes?

2) Taxonomies are not theories. Discuss what that statement suggests about the trait taxonomies we have examined and what that means about the state of personality psychology as a science today.

3) Describe your experience in searching for a Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) measure online, your results, and how they compare to your Big Five data. Why do you think the MBTI is still so popular despite the poor evidence for it

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