Photography Discussion

Photography Discussion

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Part 1 This photograph, ‘The Migrant Mother,’ was taken by Dorothea Lange in 1936 and depicts a mother and her children during The Great Depression in America. ● What makes this photograph significant in the history of photography? ● Share another photo that you think evokes emotion as this one does. ● A response should be 3-5 well-constructed sentences outlining your thoughts. Part 2 ● Talk about the ways in which Graham Clarke defines the photograph and consider how that relates to Sam Abell’s experience of photography as he explains in the film The Life of a Photograph. ● What does Abell consider to be the purpose of the photograph and why is it such a profoundly important thing? Think about the way he describes the process of making (rather than merely ‘taking’) a photograph. ● Writing should reach a minimum of 300 words. Part 3 ● Considering the ways in which both Clarke and Abell talk about photography select a photograph from your own collection and assess and analyze it as though you had never seen it before. ● Writing should reach a minimum of 300 words.
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