Professional Ethics


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Professional ethics is an addition to the individual principles. As a professional, the morals and responsibilities a person governs are similar to those in the personal restrictions but more specific and have been broadened. For instance, an organization or firm has got its own principles and code of ethics to govern its workers. Therefore, as a worker in the organization one has to adhere to the principles of the company. That is acting according to professional ethics (Kitindi, n.d.).

According to AICPA, one of the ethics that the body considers crucial is integrity. Every person in any type of working field is obliged to the provide quality services to the society whether in the accounting or medical industry. It is the duty of a profession to ensure that above everything else they have performed their duties as it is supposed to be without any compromise. Secondly, it is the duty of a profession to conduct a self evaluation test and make the right decision regarding their competent skills. If one is not able to carry out their duties with regards to the competency needed in the task, it is up to the person to step back and let someone who is competent handle the work. Being objective is another principle that is important in the professional field. It is the duty of a profession to always put first the services they provide before their own ambitions. They should not let their personal ambitions affect their ability to perform at work. Responsibility is one of the ethics that should be upheld. It is the duty of the marketing specialist to ensure that the information or service they provide to the public is of high quality standards. Making sure that whatever they sell to the public is not manipulated in any way just because the clients may not recognize the changes.

The marketing profession is faced with various ethical challenges such as responsibility. I ‘’tis up to the marketing strategist to ensure that information put out there to the public is correct and that the products they perceive to quality are indeed quality. The other challenge is the technological advances which pose as a threat to the work principles. Due to online marketing strategies such as the use of social media, online data collection and consumer information may be manipulated to fit into the business’s intended outcome.






















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