Rasmussen University ABC Animation School Project Proposal

Rasmussen University ABC Animation School Project Proposal

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Rasmussen University




write a Project Proposal for you course project.  Be sure to include the following items in your proposal:

  • Introduction
  • An overview of your project
  • Project approach (how you will do the work)
  • Project Timeline
  • Estimated Cost
  • Assumptions you have made about this project
  • Conclusion



1 UX Design Project Proposal Date: Prepared for: User Experience Design Fall 2015 Designer Name (Your Name Goes Here): Enter Your Contact Details: Introduction: Introduce your project and explain why it should be done and what you hope to accomplish or gain from it. Do NOT give the project overview. That will be included in the next section. This section is to sell the idea to your instructor (client, employer) so that the decision maker (your instructor in this case) has a clear idea of what your reason(s) are for choosing this particular idea to work on. Project Overview: (Outline the project and provide a detailed overview of what you will do as shown in the example text below): XYZ Corporation is seeking to create a newly designed and more simplified website for its PDQ division. The new website will provide XYZ customers with a “portal” experience, which will enable them to more fully engage with the XYZ brand. The goal of the XYZ UX Design project is to re-architect and consolidate the current website so that it communicates more effectively on any device such as a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. This proposal outlines the first step of the site redesign process, which is to design the user experience and information architecture for XYZ.com. When completed, the resulting user experience and information architecture documents will inform and guide the overall visual design and technical implementation of the new website. Project Approach and Scope of Work (Tell the client or your employer (your instructor in this case) the approach you will use for this project and the scope of the work as shown in the example text below): The XYZ UX Design project will be done giving the client several intervals to review and approve the work on the project before moving forward. The steps 2 include: Research Target Audience, Persona Profiles Creation, Site Map, Content Strategy and Prototypes Creation, Wireframes, and Comps. The following timeline is suggested as a guide. Timing (subject to change depending upon stakeholder availability): The project will take approximately 11 weeks to complete and deliverables will be released weekly to the client for feedback. Cost: The total fee for the XYZ User Design Project will be $xx,xxx As a student you may include any number in this area that seems realistic to you based upon research that you have performed for this field AND the estimate of the number of hours you plan to dedicate to this class project each week. Assumptions: (Below are some example assumptions that could be applied to any project but not necessarily yours. Be sure to ONLY INCLUDE your own assumptions and NOT the ones shown): • • • • • Responsive Web Design will be included as part of the website redesign. Development of the final sitemap and wireframes will be limited to 3 rounds of revisions. The XYZ UX Design project will focus only on the U.S., therefore localization/translation will not be included as part of the redesign. XYZ will be responsible for recruitment of participants and any associated expenses for customer-based research activities (such as card sorting or user testing). Consultant will be available to work on this project 20-25 hours per week. Conclusion: Simply reiterate why this project is important and what you hope to gain from it. Discuss your qualifications if applicable, and any other information you want to include to seal this deal. Remember this could be an employer or client project so keep the discussion here focused on those people as much as possible and why they should agree with you.
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500 Words 2 Pages Project Propos

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