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Real Estate Consultant Marketing Plan


Institutional affiliation:

Mission Statement

With the increased need for houses and homes in the modern world, Real Estate Agents are an absolute necessity. These individuals are licensed professionals who serve the purpose of negotiating and arranging the purchase and actual selling in the real estate world.  The career requires training and additional certification since technology has taken over the real estate management. This serves as an added advantage since Real Estate Agents need to extra hard to attract more clients in the competitive market. Businesses involving the latest technology are started daily and this increases competition. My career line is line with real estate consultancy where I also specialize in business analytics and marketing. In most cases those employed in this career path work for Real Estate Consultancy Firms.

Stead & Hastings (2018) believes that technology increases efficiency in a business by a great extent and that the ability to understand the mechanics of integrating new technology into a business ensures a firm apprehends value in the investment (Leiber & Harvey, 2018). I hope to make it as expert in data enthused real estate solutions. Services range from business strategy development, structures of human resource, IT, marketing and consultancy financial management.  These services are present in all corporation aiming for an advanced system in order to fit in the existing markets. With the continuously shifting market requirements and conditions, vast businesses including those with past success records find it hard to develop strategies.

Armed with inclusive skills in data analytics, I will save the corporation the difficulty of  studying the markets. The real estate need to pay attention to developing quality services. I am also conversant with emerging trends requiring rapid changes and making of decisions (Cravens & Piercy, 2006).. A blend of proficiency conscientiousness guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction to all the clients.

SWOT Analysis

This gives a summary of strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats associated with the external environment (Cravens & Piercy, 2006). This knowledge is very contributory in arriving at decisions requiring investments areas and those that are hypothetically challenging. This helps an entity to pay attention to strengths and the same time working towards improving the areas of weaknesses.

  1. Strength

Real estate management entails some qualities that are an outright necessity. Majority of these qualities constitutes my areas of proficiency and mastery. The following are some of the strengths that I possess as a real estate agent consultant:

  • Language proficiency

This is a vital aspect in the career of a real estate agent. Part of collecting information entails commitment with global companies and diverse communities (Watson et al, 2018). The ability to speak English well gives me the ability to reach out to many individuals from all walks of life.

  • I am well equipped with the knowledge and skills of the modern technology and ardent on the imminent technological solutions to real estate business. Technical training should be blended with technological know-how to produce favorable results. (Sen, 2017). By applying new technology, I hope to come with new approaches that are epitome in solving problems relating to real estate.
  • Amid great individual qualities I have also attained broader knowledge about the world of engineering and therefore I clearly understand the aspects of quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  1. Weakness

This are the shortcomings that are associated with my career path. They include

  • I have limited work experience since I have not practiced my carrier in different real estate firms. This is because am still continuing to pursue my education which will eventually provide me with fundamental knowledge required by different firms.
  • I am also yet to discover the actual frameworks that governs the real estate consultancy firms
  • Opportunities
  • One of the paramount opportunities that I devour at my disposal is the young age. This means that I am able to learn more than the aged counterparts. I am able to use the time advantage to further my education and acquire experience in the field.
  • I like learning new ideas that are present in the fast changing world. The shifting and market needs and technology require knowledge of scope in real estate. Learning helps in equipping one with knowledge and skills that are useful in developing career path.
  1. Threat
  • The core threat I face in my career path development is the possibility of stiff competition that will be posed by the new graduates flocking the job market every year. A number of them have attained higher educational credentials including PhD, doctorates and masters.

Summary of SWOT

Element Education Value
Strengths Language expertise Medium
  Skills and know-how High
  Morals and principles which is grounded on religion Low
  Previous work experience Medium
Weaknesses Limited work experience Medium
  Academic qualifications Medium
Threats Slow economic growth in the US Medium
  Flocking number of graduates in the field High
Opportunities Increasing demand for expertise in the field High

Figure 1: SWOT Analysis


  • To be among the leading real estate manager in the US and the surrounding localities by 45 years of age.
  • Developing mastery in real estate analytics and solution to problems via the use of technology in the next decade.
  • To produce income by mounting an inimitable brand which is unique and equipped with quality. My brand should stand-out amidst other brands.

Target Market

The Canadian market is varied comprising of individuals from different ethnic background. Having studies in the Canada, I am well familiar with the US market of clients and therefore well positioned to provide services to customers. In addition, I have gone through a favorable system of education and this I believe can make me a apt candidate to work in the global market (Watson, et al., 2018). The nature of the US real estate market is a better foundations for those venturing in real estate for the first time. You can also get to learn labor standards that are essential in the growth of career. Nevertheless, my eventual goal is to land in a job with a multinational firm mainly in Canada. These area bordering the US is a business hub that grows faster and embraces big potential necessary for the future.

                                                            Marketing Strategies                

This forms is the most vital level of development of a product as it decides the final value to be realized upon transferring the product or service to the target clients (McCabe, 2017). A marketing strategy that is weak renders worthless all the past efforts in ensuring product or service is fit for the market and this results to loss. Nonetheless, a boundless marketing strategy pairs the struggles put to ensure that the end result is of high quality.

  1. Product

I believe I have many of the qualities needed by the employers in real estate consultancy firms. Above all I am bringing a great pact of persistence and willpower in the workstation. During my schooling days, and having trained in the difficult situations known, I am conversant with the ability to show resilience through hard work hence a valuable asset to any organization.

Through continued I hope constantly grow my skills in order to appreciate in value during my career journey in the real estate consultancy.

  1. Place

I hope to work in the United States because I believe the country is a hotbed of opportunities in real estate management. Here, I will be able to work with professionals who will act as guides to my career path because of their experience blended with vast knowledge and skills. The market in the United States will also provide me with a greater level of competence that will serve as an added advantage to my career (Constantides, 2006). I am also ready to discover other working environments in readiness for any form of eventualities.

  • Price

This is also an essential phase of marketing. Close attention should be paid to the expenditure focused on warranting the development, packing and distribution of the product or services to the market. The strategy of pricing should focus heavily on the individual expenses and the responsibilities coming along with the career path. Smith & Van (2018) maintains that the perfect pricing must accommodate all obligations or meet the anticipated threshold.


  1. Promotion

I will apply the use of direct marketing whereby I try to reach out to clients directly to listen to their expectations and needs. I will therefore ensure that I have a well-structured resume and a cover letter to aid me in conducting my work in a professional manner. I will also try to better my individual selling by creating portfolio on diverse online and social media platforms (Smith & Van Genderen, 2018). I also believe creating short videos showcasing numerous subjects in the area of real estate will be vital in creation of awareness. This I will post on my private website that will serve the purpose of selling point and an avenue of creating a strong brand.

















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