Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”

The yellow in the poem explains the setting of the poem that is the leaves during the autumn and the sun that falls on the forest. It could also mean new beginnings as mornings are sun rises are usher new beginnings. The poet feels sorry for not taking the two roads because he feels he is short of experiences because of what life subjects us to. We have to make choices and own them, we cannot move to the other side and find out what happens there. The path has been less followed that’s why is grassy. The narrator doubts if he will ever come back in regards to explaining how opportunities present themselves, they in most cases occur once in a lifetime.

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I think the narrator sighs because he took the less travelled road and it bore god fruits.

Robert Frost, “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening”

He is worried about what the owner thinks because of the sense of guilt he feels by trespassing. He is aware that he is violating the law. I think, Frost refers the day someone dies as the darkest day of the year, he mentions about going to sleep miles away which can be likened to death. The poet has the common chores he is supposed to do. Probably, run errands and take care of the family, or other life promises like marriage vows. The lines are repeated to indicate the seriousness of the narrator’s plight how long he has to push on with life before he dies.

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