SDMC Covid 19 Pandemic Discussion

SDMC Covid 19 Pandemic Discussion

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San Diego Miramar College




Raised by war, when I and my family had a dream that everything going to be peaceful and quiet. I used to live in Baghdad/Iraq. I faced a lot of fears but our faith in God helped us survive. Used to live in a war surrounded by racist militia who wanted to kill us just because they hate my Dad’s name. However, I learned a lot of good things, I learned what humanity means, I learned how to love people, I learned that we all humans and stands for each other.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was able to interact with my professors. The professors helped us understand the materials via Zoom. I had to move History class to Pass/Fail systems. I got in Biology 87%, in chemistry 88.65%, and in Physics 95.65%. all my grades were As but after we moved to the online classes two of the classes dropped to Bs because at the begging I faced a lot of a hard time understanding how are the labs going. Moreover, I had to take care of my parents mentally and financially, they lost their job while I work on the front line, I had to separate myself in the home. One day, I went back home from work and I expressed some symptoms. I had to spend all night crying in the car and I can’t even go inside the home and hug my Mom. The very next morning I went to the Emergency and I had a test, I cried more when they told me it’s negative. What helps me stand strong was seeing my Mom proud that her little princess never gave up.


Tags: biology Pandemic COVID 19

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