Spiritual Experiences Shared by A Nurse on Death and Dying Discussion

https://www.sociologyvibes.org/videos/category/age… Part 1 Please watch this Video; Good grief! what i learned from loss

  1. Click on this link (Links to an external site.) that takes you to the Video Page and choose one video of your choice to watch related to Death and Dying.
  2. In paragraph format and eight-to-ten thoughtful, meaningful, and grammatically correct sentences, summarize in your own words and not in quotes, the most important points and conclusions made in the video. Do not include your own opinions or thoughts.
  3. At the top of the post, include the title of the video or the link to the video in your post. Proofread your post before you submit and remove repetitive information.
  4. PART #2
  5. watch four video summaries.
  6. Start the paragraph by sharing with the class in a couple of sentences what one sociological topic related to aging the posts had in common. Writing that the topic was about death and dying is too general, please think deeper and let me know if you need help.
  7. Then for the remainder of the paragraph, share with the class your thinking about this one sociological topic and support your thinking with an explanation of a personal experience or someone that you know. If you can’t think of a personal experience, support your thinking with an explanation of an observation. The point here is to explain to the class why you hold these views about the sociological topic. What personal experiences or societal observations have influenced your beliefs about this topic?
  8. This paragraph needs to be written in eight-to-ten sentences that are thoughtful, meaningful, and grammatically correct.

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