Temple University Budgeting Discussion

Temple University Budgeting Discussion

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Please read the discussion post carefully and answer to it. It has to be one page long and the answer has to be like you’re talking to someone, like you should agree with what he said.

Here is the post:

Budgeting is an important aspect in a company through the creation of an organized budgeting plan which guides the employees to reach the goals set in place, maximizing your company’s potential profit. With that being said, a bad budgeting plan can hinder your company’s ability to provide that product or service. Throughout college, I have worked at Diamond Oaks Golf course in Granite Bay, California. During this time, I have seen how the company operates budgets and portrays itself to its customers.

Diamond Oaks Golf Course has created a hostile environment by budgeting the needs of the golf course in a negative way. We are a city owned course which makes funding very limited. As many know, it takes a good amount of money to maintain a healthy golf course. Throughout the years, Diamond Oaks has not received the money needed to keep the course up to par. A few examples of what the course needed but were excluded of were new sand for the sand traps, new equipment to maintain the fairways, and more variety of chemicals to keep the greens healthy. The hostile environment was created due to the continuous complaints from the customers both members and public. Overall, the negativity showed through the lack of rounds played and lower net income from month to month. Overall, the negative work environment was not beneficial for employees and managers who need to communicate the message regarding why the golf course conditions are below standard.

At the golf course a positive environment was recently created between the city, managers, and employees by figuring out the most necessary needs of the course and creating a budget that helps us reach each our goals. We have since created goals to be met by certain time periods with the budget given.By the inclusion of everyone at Diamond Oaks this created a positive work environment and motivational impact as everyone feels they are helping the course move forward in their near future.


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