4 Explain the impact of an event or activity that has created a change in your life or in your way of thinking. 250-500

I always like to explore new things, and this summer I attended a Wilderness Canoe Camp in Northern Ontario, situated six hours drive North from Toronto. It was a girls only canoe trip for 2 weeks. We had no gadgets, not even watches, and there was no cell signal anyway. I had no idea what to expect and I was nervous at first. On the first couple of days, I had made friends with some people at base camp. But when our adventure started we were put into groups and I didn’t know anyone. We all had to put our trust into 13 strangers. As we started the journey our first task was to remember each other’s names. But on the second day, we all had something in common that brought us all together, and later on, we were all homesick.

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We were paddling all day to our destination that was Maple mountain and we soon became all close to each other, since we had to overcome rain, wind, strong currents, portages, and the hot sun. What changed my perspective at viewing the world wasn’t overnight but more of over time. In a new place, I have never been before with anybody I know and no way to contact family or friends. The best part of the trip was that we always had a good time. Someone would be cleaning dishes and others would start to sing for fun, some nights we had a meeting where we discussed our problems outside of the camp and it was nice seeing everyone in different settings. But you may know this summer Canada had a lot of forest fires and sadly the day we came to our destination there was smoke coming out of it. We all stood at the bottom of the hill on the mushy, wet mud as our leader had to bring the news. We couldn’t hike it and she was devastated. Since all of us were up and ready to do it every single day form the moment we woke up. She was apologizing for not delivering our joy of success. But our reaction was completely different from what she was expecting. At first, we all put our heads down but as soon as the voice started to crack we all put them up and just smiled. At that specific moment, I felt like my mind had a switch that was slowly turning and this was the final tug. We all hugged in a group and started to laugh and realized it didn’t matter that we didn’t climb it, the effort of getting there did. We put our minds, sweat, and tears into this. That’s what mattered and it made me learn it’s ok sometimes to not get first place in the goal. It was all the effort that mattered. We packed up and went back but we all knew all of this was worth it. Because we created this strong bond that was hard to break and we loved it.





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