UA Fun Oceanography World Tour Worksheet

  • You will be traveling in a sailboat, so overland travel is not an option. You can, however, go through theSuez Canal or Panama Canal.
  • Your voyage must start and end in Shanghai, China (31°N, 121°E, indicated on the map at the star).
  • You must circumnavigate (go around) the world, moving in a mostly westward direction

Þ (it is fine to zig-zag around – north/south and east/west as

needed – but each location must be to the west of the previous

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  • You should try to sail with the wind and/or the surface currents as

much as possible (but we won’t take off points for using your motor!)

Þ (See maps of atmosphere circulation and surface currents)

  • You should select 10 places that you will visit, each of which displays

some process or feature that we have described in this class. Five of

these can be your choice, the other five must include:

o Something interesting in good surfing spot

o Something interesting in a place with an offshore wind

o Something interesting near a coral reef

o Something interesting near a volcano

o Something interesting along the coast of Antarctica

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