Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding written by Lenore Look * Illustrated by Yumi Heo

First Book Review

Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding book cover

Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding written by Lenore Look * Illustrated by Yumi Heo

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Select a children’s book that depicts multicultural awareness and plan a web around the book. Use the example that has been provided for you. Use your imagination and let it run. I have always found that creating a curriculum around a story or theme can be expanded in so many different ways.

This assignment supports student learning objectives 1, 2, 3,4, & 6.

Book Review 1 (adobe handout)

Sample Book Review 1


Submit in the diagram format provided in the example for both Book Review 1 and Sample Book Review 1 include the narrative, examples, and conclusion. If you are unable to do so, then please submit in a narrative format completing each area as described. Provide the title of the book, author, year, and brief narrative of the book, along with a minimum of 4 examples under each of the following: Social Studies, Thinking Skills, The Arts, Food Experiences and/or Science, and Language. In conclusion, why does this book meet the criteria and why you would incorporate this book in your lesson planning?
Role of Equity and Diversity in Early Childhood Education

Introduction to this week’s module:

Family worshiping at a Buddhist Temple

Family worshiping at a Buddhist Temple

Let’s summarize what we learned last week. As per the book, you learned that all children have the right to attend a high quality ECE program regardless if they have a disability or special health care needs. The caveat would be that the IEP team needs to determine that it is the least restrictive environment. Gender in young children is evolving and young children learn about their gender and that of others. You will read how gender is a social justice issue and what programs can do to help children and the bias that is often felt by teachers towards boys in an ECE program. The ideas that can better serve boys and how to create an environment that is supportive of healthy gender development. Encouraging understanding of the differences between gender and sexual orientation and handling that bias in the classroom.

This week we will read about different religious beliefs and specifically the most practiced religions in the U.S. , what we can do to support children who have religious differences in the classroom, how biases are formed, stereotyping, intersecting identities as well as racialization, and how nonverbal bias can be every bit as harmful as verbal.

This week you have specific chapters that need to be read. I have also provided you with a power point that includes notes and a narrative of the power point presentation.

Don’t forget you will have the group discussion question to answer and respond to two other students who answered the opposite question and the First Book Review assignment is due.

After successfully completing this learning module, students will be able to explain:

  • Understand the representation of religions and most practiced
  • Articulate how a teacher can support a child’s religious affiliation
  • Explain why communication is key when dealing with religious differences
  • Create activities that support and share religious diversity of children and families
  • Define stereotype threat
  • List characteristics of implicit bias
  • Explain how people learn about and categorize others
  • Describe how stereotypes develop and why they persist
  • Discuss the effects of stereotypes
  • Investigate ways to uncover the stereotypes that we hold and apply that to practices that will reduce discrimination with children and families

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