University of Kentucky Employee Morale and Motivation Discussion

in the discussion, he says, “Nobody questions that employees will be happy and motivated in times of prosperity. Employees will freely give their all when they are well treated, appreciated, and compensated with full salaries and nice bonuses. The challenge for us is that we are now under extreme pressure to justify every cost. Although we are still profitable, salaries and bonuses are frozen and there is no way that we can continue to spend as much on our HR programs and benefits.” He then looks at you and asks directly, “So given that we hope to keep morale and motivation high, what do you recommend? Is there anything we can do to enhance motivation and engagement without spending the money we traditionally have?”


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Well these days everyone wanted to be well treated by companies in order to perform better. The better the employee perform, the more they look for.

Now, considering the above situation that freezing of benefits for employees while creating good work environment is quite hard to achieve in these days. Providing prosperity to employees will yield in great work output, besides, now being a successful manager for commercial bank and during the hard time and extreme pressure while not spending the money on benefits and other HR programs, I would recommend as below,

  • Always applause and recognize hard work and make employee visible to the higher management which makes employee very happy. Many times, a good recognition will let employee not think much about bonus, myself is a great example 🙂
  • It is always good idea to open the doors for employees to come and talk casually/informally and share their thoughts.
  • Conducting out some fun activities at work to relieve the from stress and create a homely environment.
  • Getting people together in helping each other in order to build confidence – Helping Environment
  • Work/life balance is what everyone looks for, so providing that comfort would definitely a good add on.
  • No doubt there will be lot of people in the company that are passionate about work they do. So involving them with others very frequently would also help motivate others.

On the other side, there could be some people who can’t be motivated and will always create a trouble. This people could get down the morale of all the team and others. So, try talking to them and ask them if you can help in any way or simply request them to move out of team or company.


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