Using the Paramedic Method

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 Using the Paramedic Method

1           The company business will fall off by 25% in the next eight months. (13 words, saved 5 words)

  1. Weymouth Corporation is facing tough economic climate, and drastic measures are being taken to cut costs. This is by letting go of some employees as soon as possible to compete with overseas companies. (33 words, saved 27 words)
  2. Voluntary layoffs are the best option, but few people will agree to this. To reduce labour costs, a layoff of a large number of people is paramount. After layoffs, important benefits and compensation are handed privately to the employees as they increase. Since it will not be fair to those laid off. Mrs Bernstein of Personnel will sign the final documents. (61 words, saved 34 words)
  3. The veteran employees should be convinced to volunteer by promising them added incentives. (13 words, saved 7 words)
  4. Drastic measures need to be taken before the company falls 25% in the competitive business world in this difficult times. (20 words, saved 17 words)
  5. The company-wide letter should be sensitive in explaining the tough decisions made to the employees. This document should contain both the good and bad news. The good news I better placed in this document as it will bring relief to some of the employees. (45 words, saved 31 words)
  6. I made an investigation of several of our competitors’ websites as you requested. Attached is a summary of the investigation and findings. Mainly comprised of a comparison of the employment strategies, marketing strategies and navigational graphics that guide visitors through the sites. This will assist in revising our website; I was intrigued by the organization, marketing tactics and navigation at each of the sites I visited and investigated. (68 words, saved 42 words)



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